From person to person

This is how you realise your online education events!


SMEs & major enterprises: Internal and external courses and trainings
Vocational schools & Universities: Online seminars, lectures, presentations
Pupils & students: Online learning portal
Cram schools: Online private teaching

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Complete solution for the realization of your online education events from person to person

With ecosero you get a complete solution to realize your online education events in the latest web conferencing room.

Of course you can also offer and manage your on-site education events. ecosero covers the whole process for online/offline education: From planning and creation, through realization and evaluation up to accounting. As easy as never before.

You get an individually customizable soltuion for highly interactive online education.

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In the ecosero
Web conference room

Online courses

Online courses

Online presentations

Online presentations

Online seminars

Online seminars

Online trainings

Online training

Online lectures

Online lectures

Hybrid events

Hybrid events





via your Administrative functions

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Create, publish and manage your online education events

It's so easy to realise your internal and external online education events

Online knowledge management

Increase participation of your employees/customers in building up and transfer know-how directly via the web conference room and with the help of a knowledge database.

You as portal owner and your admin users can

  • Create topic oriented know-how databases
  • Clear documents or suggestions: Your users can submit topic suggestions with documents, that you can reject or accept for publishing.
  • Realize know-how transfer events in the web conference room

Your employees can

  • Pass their know-how to others in the web conferencing room on their own
  • Search for and download documents and templates
  • Upload own documents in a structured form

Your customers can

  • Download documents (i.e. product Sheets, whitepapers etc.)
  • Participate in your videowebinars
  • Give feedback for your events
  • Upload own documents, that you as portal owner can evaluate and clear for publishing
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State of the art technology with unbeatable price performance ratio

Only at ecosero you can teach and learn as if sitting next to each other!

ecosero LiveCam

Perfect online education with our ecosero LiveCam in combination with our web conferencing room

  • Tutors (and students) can make and explain handwritten texts and sketches on normal paper Everything that "happens" below the lense of our LiveCam will be visible in the web conference room at once.

  • ecosero-LiveCam3D objects can be presented and explained directly inside the web conference room

  • Non-digital material (excerpts from books, journals etc.) can be displayed in the web conference room as well and then be integrated into the online education - without the need to manually scan and upload files

  • With our ecosero LiveCam it's like anybody looking over the shoulder of each other and thereby providing a perfect way of working and learning together, as if the participants would sit together

You can buy the ecosero LiveCam when you buy your ecosero web solution package, but of course a later order is also possible.