ecosero Video consultation hour

Professional certified digital consultation hour

Offer your clientele state-of-the-art and user-friendly digital consultations.
ecosero Video consultation hour offers everything from planning to evaluation.

Completely web-based! Without software installation!

14 days free trial | No credit card required

Siegel datenschutz cert Siegel datenschutz cert Audited data protection Server location in Germany
Highest data security with End-to-end encryption
ecosero Video consultation hour
ecosero Video consultation hour

The certified solution for highly secure live consultations, counselling & coaching

With ecosero Video consultation hour you get the individually customisable solution with advanced meeting and appointment management for convenient planning and implementation of your meetings, coaching and counselling services.

End-to-end encrypted. The communication takes place directly between the participants without server in between

Simple, interactive and individually customisable according to your needs

Completely web-based, without any software installation. You can start immediately - your web browser is enough!

Certified according to § 5 paragraph 2 of Annex 31b to the BMV-Ä

Service invoicing with health insurance companies possible (in Germany)
List of certified providers

We are also listed with the GKV:
List of certified providers

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Extra secure

Areas of application for our video consultation software

Ideally suited for all those who need a simple and at the same time highly secure solution, e.g.

  • for use in doctors' surgeries and hospitals as an online consultation

  • for tax consultancy and law firms for confidential counselling of their clients

  • for care services to advise people in need of help and their relatives

  • for trainers and coaches who attach particular importance to a highly tap-proof solution

Doctors Lawyers, Notaries Tax advisors, financial advisors, coaches
Virtual consultation room (P2P)
Completely web-based

Virtual consultation room for secure face-to-face consultations

  • No software installation, Web browser is sufficient

  • Operation very simple and intuitive

  • Screen sharing

  • Chat

  • Up to 10 participants

  • Multiple moderators

Let ecosero Video Consultation Hour present you with a live demo of all the functions and see for yourself!

Meeting Management
Easy planning

Our integrated meeting planner for your online consultation

  • Easy creation of ad-hoc meetings via the "New meeting" button

  • Convenient planning and cancellation of meetings and meeting series with one click

  • Sharing your calendar with other users, including authorisation to take over and create meetings and tasks

  • Integration with your calendar app: Integration of your calendar (Google, Apple, MS Outlook, etc.) into the ecosero calendar, as well as provision of the ecosero calendar for subscription according to iCal standard.

All appointments at a glance

Optimised planning and management of consultation appointments

  • Simple planning of the available times for your online counselling appointments incl. preview function for the appointment selection

  • Including preparation and and automatic blocking in case of overlaps. overlaps

  • Overview of your own appointments and those of your employees

  • Display of scheduled counselling appointments in your calendar with status (e.g. free or reserved appointment). appointment)

Manage consultation appointments
From person to person

Simple Automated booking of appointments for your video consultation

  • Independent booking of appointments by Help-seeker

  • Direct appointment integration in the Calendar

  • Straightforward feedback function

Plan Video consultation
Versatile options

Consultation invitations made easy: Optimised invitation processes and flexible settings with our software for video Video Consultations

  • Automatic e-mail dispatch to participants with a link and direct access to the consultation room

  • Appointment series planning

  • Various participation options

  • Individual welcome text

Manage workspaces
Clear Location management

Booking an appointment via the selection of a location

Companies with several locations often face often face a number of challenges when it comes to booking and managing appointments online. ecosero overcomes these challenges with well thought-out functions and enables you to functions and enables you to keep an eye on all transactions processes across all locations in a central system. keep track of.

With Video Consultation Hour from ecosero you can your different locations in a clear and simple way. and easily. Your customers and patients can select the location for the consultation and get to the most suitable suitable appointments.

Start your free trial of ecosero Videosprechstunde right now!!

E-Mail-Templates bearbeiten
Your Design

Individually customisable

  • WYSIWYG editor for customised design of e-mails of the e-mails that are sent automatically, e.g. for invitations or invitations or cancellations, for example

  • Individual adaptation of colours, Layout and menus

ecosero - Notifications
Data protection is important to us

GDPR compliant, End-to-End encrypted

  • Certified according to § 5 paragraph 2 of Annex 31b to the BMV-Ä

  • All servers are located in German, ISO/IEC 27001 certified data centres. Data transmission is encrypted

  • Company headquarters in Germany

  • German data protection standards

  • German in-house customer service

Seal datenschutz cert Seal datenschutz cert

Convenient administration and best security

Individual user profiles
  • Address book with group management for quick invitation incl. upload and download of contacts

  • Language and time zone selectable

  • Fine granular Notification options possible

  • Consultation Room Preferences

  • Choice of colours and layout

User management
  • Simple user management

  • Each user can be granted the right to Planning and moderation of consultation hours

  • Import users by file

  • Group management: Any number of hierarchical groups with group invitation

Secure login
  • 2-factor authentication for all users can be activated

  • Individual password rules

  • Connecting your existing identity management for Single Sign-On possible

Top Preis-Leistungs-Verhältnis
Licences not user-bound

Top price-performance ratio

  • With ecosero, licences are not personal. You can create as many users as you like and grant them the right to create and/or conduct webinars, regardless of the number of licences.

  • Employees can actively participate in the planning and realisation of the event.

  • External speakers can also be integrated as moderators free of charge.

We would be happy to advise you and show you the range of functions of ecosero Video Consultation Hour
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Produkte im Schnellvergleich

Video consultation hour

Certified, highly secure end-to-end encrypted meeting management for up to 10 participants, with online appointment booking. Billing possible via the KBV (in Germany).

Video conference

Comprehensive meeting management for up to 500 participants.

Video consulting

Comprehensive meeting management for up to 500 participants, with online appointment booking.


Live and on-demand webinars with videos and files as well as sales and payment functions.


Live and on-demand courses with videos and files, online tests and certificates, including sales and payment functions.

One license for all users (example calculation)

Please compare our licence conditions in detail with those of our competitors.

Competitors often tie a licence to a specific person. This means that only licensed persons can plan and organise events.

With ecosero, on the other hand, licences are not tied to a specific person.
You can grant any number of users the right to create and/or run events, regardless of the number of licences.
The number of licences required depends solely on the number of events taking place at the same time.

Sample calculation based on ecosero Video conference Premium with five authorized persons (users) for planning and execution:

Provider Number of users Required licenses Price / license
per month
Price for
12 months
ecosero 5 1 21.99 € 263.88 €
Others 5 5 11.60 € 696.00 €