Scheduling and booking management centrally in one tool

With ecosero's booking platform, your customers independently reserve and book their suitable online & offline appointments.

Online appointment with coach

Highest data security and privacy

  • Certified end-to-end Video consultation

  • GDPR compliance and SSL encryption

  • Servers in Germany

Appointment booking for online and live appointments - around the clock

  • Simple and intuitive

  • Automated booking, cancellation and appointment reminder

  • Increased visibility on the internet for patients and relatives


  • Better capacity utilisation through online Appointment and booking management

  • Minimisation of the administrative Effort for your employees and customers

Appointments at a glance

Appointment planning made easy: Effective appointment management for your digital consultations

  • Easy planning of available times for your online counselling appointments

  • Including preparation and follow-up times and automatic blocking in case of overlaps

  • Overview of your own appointments and those of your colleagues

  • Preview function for appointment selection

  • Display of scheduled counselling appointments in your calendar with status (e.g. free or reserved appointment)

Manage consulting appointments
From person to person

Simple automated reservation and booking

  • Professional landing page in corporate design

  • Independent booking of appointments by your customers

  • Direct integration of appointments into the calendar

  • Uncomplicated feedback function

  • Knowledge management for reference

Meeting Management
Ad-hoc or planned

Success with our integrated meeting planner for video consultations

In addition to video counselling appointments, you can conveniently plan and conduct meetings.

  • Convenient planning of meetings and meeting series with one click

  • Sharing of your calendar with other users incl. authorisation to take over and create meetings as well as the creation of tasks

  • Cancellation option for scheduled meetings via the calendar entry

  • Integration with your calendar app: integration of your calendar (Google, Apple, MS Outlook etc.) into the ecosero calendar, as well as provision of the ecosero calendar for subscription according to iCal standard

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Playback On demand

Recording and playback incl. download for maximum flexibility Ihrer KundInnen

  • Events in the virtual consulting room can be recorded

  • Playback directly in the web browser via integrated player

  • Possibility to create a download file with audio, video and presentation content of the recording

  • Public and private playback links for sharing with optional time limits

  • Complete deactivation of the recording function is possible

  • Recordings incl. download file can be deleted at any time

  • Storage of your recordings in the ecosero cloud

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Top Preis-Leistungs-Verhältnis
Flexible licensing model

Top price-performance ratio

Our flexible licensing model allows employees, participants and external speakers with personal access not only to participate in your events, but also to help plan and run them, without additional licensing costs.

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With ecosero you get the right solution for your needs.

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One license for all users (example calculation)

The prices shown are net prices per license.

Please compare the license conditions carefully Competition with our offer.
Often a license is on a named, registered person (user) bound and only this person can host an online event plan and carry out.

At ecosero You can have as many registered people (users) as you like assign the role “organizer” - regardless of the number of licenses. All “organizers” can create events and perform. Also an attendance requirement There are no “organizers” during the event. The The number of licenses required depends only on the number of at the same time events to be carried out.

Sample calculation based on ecosero Video conference Premium with five authorized persons (users) for planning and execution:

Provider Number of users Required licenses Price / license
per month
Price for
12 months
ecosero 5 1 21.99 € 263.88 €
Others 5 5 11.60 € 696.00 €