30 Participants
Unlimited moderators
12.99 / month
  • Features:

  • Integrate into existing websites
  • Desktop and application sharing
  • Breakout rooms
  • Participation with or without registration
  • Unlimited moderators without extra costs
  • Custom privacy clause
  • Feedback function
  • 3 GB cloud storage included

  • Recording, Ppayback & download
  • Chat, Emojis
  • HD webcam, WebRTC Audio
  • Presentation
  • Subtitles

  • Polls
  • Multi-User mode
  • Touchscreen capable
    multi-user whiteboard

  • 50+ languages
  • Screen Reader
  • Access privileges
  • SSL encryption
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150 Participants
Unlimited moderators
29.99 / month
  • All STARTER features +

  • Integrate into existing systems
  • Automatic reminder & early login
  • Email template management
  • Attendance record
  • Calendar integration
  • Look & Feel customization
  • Customizable homepage
  • Participation via telephone
  • Own calendar for every user
  • Plan events together incl. delegation & moderators
  • Booking of appoinemtents via e-calendar
  • Automatic invitation for events
  • 5 GB cloud storage inklusive
  • Pre-upload of presentations
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Individual number of Participants
Unlimited moderators
from 72.99 / month
  • All PRO Features +

  • White label solution
  • Online event management
  • Event templates
  • Event document management
  • Event accounting and voucher management
  • Videowebinar shop
  • Event requests and questions
  • Learning progress monitoring
  • Automatic certificate creation
  • Event feedback management
  • Knowledge management
  • Download area
  • 10 GB cloud storage included
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The prices shown are net prices and do not include the statutory value added tax.

Frequently Asked Questions

Create unlimited organisers / moderators at no extra cost. Is that possible with ecosero?

Yes, at ecosero you can create any person as a moderator. Events in the web conference room can be moderated by all your employees. The usual naming of specific persons does not apply to ecosero. There is also no obligation to be present: moderators can start the web conference room and leave it at any time. The online event at ecosero is not limited in time or even terminated.

Example based on ecosero STARTER: Supposed, you have five privileged people (employees or external trainers), that shall be allowed to plan or realise web conferences.

Vendor Req. lic.Required licenses Price
/ license / month
Total / month Total / Duration
(12 Mon.)
ecosero 1 12.99 € 12.99 € 155.88 €
Others 5 11,60 € 58,00 € 696.00 €

Is ecosero completely web-based without software installation?

Yes, ecosero is completely web-based, no software installation is required. software installation is not required. You only need an up-to-date web browser.
Please note that this applies to all participating persons (i.e. also to the moderators, speakers).

Is ecosero GDPR-compliant and is my data protected?

Yes, ecosero is GDPR compliant. All servers, including the STUN- and TURN servers are located in German data centres.
You can conclude an order processing contract with us at any time.
Your data will be transmitted SSL-encrypted and in accordance and stored in accordance with the German data protection data protection standard.

Do I need a credit card to test ecosero?

No, no credit card is required. Name and e-mail address are sufficient.
Simply register and get started right away!

Do I have to cancel my test account after the test period?

You do not need to cancel. After the end of the trial period your account will be automatically deleted.
Before the expiry of the trial period, you will be automatically reminded and can very easily purchase a licence for seamless productive use. acquire.

Can I easily change my package?

Yes, you can during the trial period and later upgrade anytime.

Are the prices always for one virtual room with breakout rooms and how many events can I hold?

The prices are always for one virtual room / month with currently eight side rooms (break-out rooms).
These are available at any time for the organisation of any number of events any number of events with any number of moderators.
If you would like to hold several that overlap in time, you will need a corresponding number of virtual rooms.