ecosero Webinar

Webinar software for simple and fast implementation of webinars

Create live and auto webinars and offer them in your own market. The perfect webinar platform for your expertise.

14 days for free | No credit card required
| Audited data protection | 100% Hosted in Germany

ecosero Webinar
Completely web-based! No software installation required!
Server location in Germany Audited data protection

The All-In-One Webinar Software

Web based. Simple. Effective. Sophisticated. Stable - Made in Berlin!

Convince your clientele with sensational webinars. Turn your knowledge into money with auto and live webinars. Hold meetings in the webinar room and automate your invitation, booking and cancellation emails.

Your Market

Customisable start page with your webinar offer

With ecosero Webinar you get your own preconfigured landing page in your corporate design. This can be easily adapted to your own needs at any time.

Inform your customers about your services and offer your live and auto webinars free of charge or for a fee in the webinar area, including booking management.

As a white-label solution, you can set up your own logo, imprint and your own general terms and conditions and privacy policy in ecosero Webinar.

Landing Page

Choose your date for a live demo of ecosero Webinar now!

Completely web-based

Live and interactive

You can use live webinars whenever it is important for you to adapt your presentation in real time to the questions and needs of your target group.

ecosero Webinar offers you everything you need to make a live webinar successful.

ecosero Webinar is completely web-based and can be used without any software installation. Convenient for you and your participants. Get started immediately.

Live Webinars
Record or upload

Automatically retrievable webinars for time-independent learning in your webinar platform

Record new webinars directly in the ecosero Webinar room or upload existing videos and offer them for a fee or free of charge.

Recorded webinars
Perfectly integrated whiteboard

One-click webinar experience with our intuitive webinar software

Optimal, interactive collaboration, as if the participants were sitting together. Also ideally suited for hybrid seminars.

  • Browser-based video conferencing on all devices with HD video, low latency voice and telephone direct dial-in (optional)

  • Break-out rooms

  • Touchscreen-enabled multi-user whiteboard for sharing and editing content

  • Screen sharing

  • Recording, playback & download

  • Live polls

  • Supports 60 languages

  • Different layouts with broadcast to all participants

  • With two webcams per participant

  • Unlimited number of moderators

Convince yourself directly and test ecosero Webinar for 14 days free of charge!

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Playback On demand

Recording and playback incl. download for maximum flexibility

  • Events in the virtual consulting room can be recorded

  • Playback directly in the web browser via integrated player

  • Possibility to create a download file with audio, video and presentation content of the recording

  • Public and private playback links for sharing with optional time limits

  • Complete deactivation of the recording function is possible

  • Recordings incl. download file can be deleted at any time

  • Storage of your recordings in the ecosero cloud

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White Label

Individual customisable

  • WYSIWYG editor for customising the e-mails that are sent automatically, e.g. for invitations or cancellations

  • Customise your landing page via WYSIWYG editor

  • Individuelle Anpassung der Farben, Layout und Menüs

Let us show you all the functions of ecosero Webinar during a live demo!

ecosero - Notifications
Data protection is important to us

GDPR compliant, secure and reliable

  • All servers are located in German, ISO/IEC 27001 certified data centres. Data transmission is encrypted

  • Company headquarters in Germany

  • German data protection standards

  • Commissioned data processing possible

  • German in-house customer service

Try ecosero Webinar now for free!

Convenient administration and best security

Individual user profiles
  • Address book with group management for quick invitations incl. upload and download of contacts

  • Language and time zone selectable

  • Fine-grained notification options possible

  • Meeting room preferences

  • Choice of colours and layout

User management
  • Portal-wide user management

  • Each user can be given the right to plan and moderate events

  • Import of users by file

  • Group management: any number of hierarchical groups with group invitations

Secure login
  • 2-factor authentication can be activated for all users

  • Individual password rules

  • Connection of your existing identity management for single sign-on possible

Top Preis-Leistungs-Verhältnis
Flexible licensing model

Top price-performance ratio

Our flexible licensing model allows employees, participants and external speakers with personal access not only to participate in your events, but also to help plan and run them, without additional licensing costs.

Buy now from just 31.19 € / month and get started straight away.

One license for all users (example calculation)

The prices shown are net prices per license.

Please compare the license conditions carefully Competition with our offer.
Often a license is on a named, registered person (user) bound and only this person can host an online event plan and carry out.

At ecosero You can have as many registered people (users) as you like assign the role “organizer” - regardless of the number of licenses. All “organizers” can create events and perform. Also an attendance requirement There are no “organizers” during the event. The The number of licenses required depends only on the number of at the same time events to be carried out.

Sample calculation based on ecosero Video conference Premium with five authorized persons (users) for planning and execution:

Provider Number of users Required licenses Price / license
per month
Price for
12 months
ecosero 5 1 11.00 € 132.00 €
Others 5 5 11.60 € 696.00 €