Supplement seminars, further training and teaching with a wide range of virtual classroom functions.

With ecosero you can motivate teachers and learners to work together interactively, plan projects and achieve learning progress together.

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All-in-one licence model

With ecosero you profit from the great advantage of the all-in-one licence model. You can add as many users with event rights as you like.

The ecosero licence is not bound to specific names, so your entire institution benefits from just one licence.

You save costs and administrative effort and promote collaborative working and learning.

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Teach from anywhere

Ensure broad educational access with online and hybrid teaching.

Make learning mobile and more inclusive

Improve learning success and offer your students different learning opportunities in our Learning Management System.

Get connected

Connect with your colleagues, parents and students from anywhere through one central tool.

Ensure continuous teaching and take advantage of flexibility

Preparation, planning, teaching, tests and assignments can be carried out regardless of location.

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Why is ecosero suitable for education?

Make learning flexible

The ecosero solution is web-based all around. All participants can access the platform via any end device and without installing any software.

Be on the safe side

We attach great importance to data security. We offer complete DSGVO conformity and SSL encryption. Hosting of ecosero takes place exclusively via servers in German data centres.

Increase participation

With features such as the multi-user whiteboard, breakout rooms, requests to speak, surveys and feedback, you can motivate students to interact and participate remotely.

Customise the learning experience

As a white-label solution, ecosero is easy to integrate into your IT landscape.

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