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ecosero Video conference

The convenient solution for secure online meetings

With the versatile possibilities of ecosero Videoconference, you can realise your online meetings very easily, securely and effectively.

Save precious time, rental, travel and accommodation costs

Ideal for online and hybrid meetings, conferences and workshops

Optimal, interactive collaboration - as if the participants were sitting together

Ideally suited for home office collaboration

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Ideal for home office

Optimal collaboration: Our browser-based tool for interactive video conferences - without software installation and integrable into your website

Interactive collaboration, as if the participants were sitting together. Also ideally suited for hybrid video conferences.

  • Browser-based video conferencing on all devices with HD video, low latency voice and telephone direct dial-in (optional)

  • Screen sharing & document exchange in virtual room

  • Break-out rooms

  • Recording, playback & download

  • Live polls

  • Supports 60 languages

  • Different layouts incl. transmission to all participants

  • With two webcams per participant

  • Unlimited number of moderators

Multi-User whiteboard
Online collaboration as if they were sitting together

Our multi-user whiteboard for creative collaboration - the perfect complement to video conferencing software

  • Easily upload and share documents (PDF, Office files, etc.)

  • Add annotations to the presentation via the whiteboard tool palette

  • Draw and write directly on the whiteboard with a stylus (assuming touch-screen capable monitor)

  • Local storage of the whiteboard content

  • Sharing the whiteboard with all participants

Meeting Management
Numerous possibilities

Our collaborative meeting planner for productive collaboration

  • Convenient planning and cancellation of meetings and meeting series with one click

  • Sharing your calendar with other users incl. authorisation to take over and create meetings as well as to create tasks.

  • Integration with your calendar app: integration of your calendar (Google, Apple, MS Outlook etc.) into the ecosero calendar and provision of the ecosero calendar for subscription according to iCal standard

Plan video conference
Versatile Options

Meeting invitations made easy: Optimised invitation processes and flexible participation settings with our video conferencing software.

  • Automatic e-mailing of participants with a link and direct access to the video conference room

  • Scheduling series of appointments

  • Multiple, advanced participation options

  • Individual welcome text via WYSIWIG editor

  • Access options (with or without microphone / recording option)

  • Flexible sorting of the list of participants in the video conference room

Overview Named Rooms Configure Named Rooms
Reachable anytime

Individually configurable named meeting rooms

  • Create individual named meeting rooms that can always be reached at the same address

  • Configure them as you wish

  • At the time of the meeting you start the meeting room with one click

Link für Wiedergabe erstellen
Playback On demand

Recording and playback incl. download for maximum flexibility for your participants

  • Events in the virtual consulting room can be recorded

  • Playback directly in the web browser via integrated player

  • Possibility to create a download file with audio, video and presentation content of the recording

  • Public and private playback links for sharing with optional time limits

  • Complete deactivation of the recording function is possible

  • Recordings incl. download file can be deleted at any time

  • Storage of your recordings in the ecosero cloud

White Label

Individual customisable

  • WYSIWYG editor for customising the e-mails that are sent automatically, e.g. for invitations or cancellations

  • Individuelle Anpassung der Farben, Layout und Menüs

ecosero - Notifications
Data protection is important to us

GDPR compliant, secure and reliable

  • All servers are located in German, ISO/IEC 27001 certified data centres. Data transmission is encrypted

  • Company headquarters in Germany

  • German data protection standards

  • Commissioned data processing possible

  • German in-house customer service

Digital Signature
Digital Signature

Sign digitally directly in the web conference - securely in accordance with the European eIDAS standard

Documents are uploaded and signed electronically with diContract-Sign in a convenient and legally secure way on any device. This saves paper, time and effort.

The eSignature component is seamlessly integrated into ecosero. This means that any document can be signed and a contract concluded directly during the consultation in the web conference or afterwards. The signature is done with the finger on smartphones or tablets. Separate tools and pens are thus superfluous.

Convenient administration and best security

Individual user profiles
  • Address book with group management for quick invitations incl. upload and download of contacts

  • Language and time zone selectable

  • Fine-grained notification options possible

  • Meeting room preferences

  • Choice of colours and layout

User management
  • Portal-wide user management

  • Each user can be given the right to plan and moderate events

  • Import of users by file

  • Group management: any number of hierarchical groups with group invitations

Secure login
  • 2-factor authentication can be activated for all users

  • Individual password rules

  • Connection of your existing identity management for single sign-on possible

Top Preis-Leistungs-Verhältnis
Licences not user-bound

Top price-performance ratio

  • With ecosero, licences are not personal. You can create as many users as you like and grant them the right to create and/or conduct webinars, regardless of the number of licences.

  • Employees can actively participate in the planning and realisation of the event.

  • External speakers can also be integrated as moderators free of charge.

Buy ecosero videoconferencing now with seamless upgradeability to other ecosero solutions. Create your first videoconferences immediately, invite participants and start your conferences and meetings.

Produkte im Schnellvergleich

Video consultation hour

Certified, highly secure end-to-end encrypted meeting management for up to 10 participants, with online appointment booking. Billing possible via the KBV (in Germany).

Video conference

Comprehensive meeting management for up to 500 participants.

Video consulting

Comprehensive meeting management for up to 500 participants, with online appointment booking.


Live and on-demand webinars with videos and files as well as sales and payment functions.


Live and on-demand courses with videos and files, online tests and certificates, including sales and payment functions.

One license for all users (example calculation)

Please compare our licence conditions in detail with those of our competitors.

Competitors often tie a licence to a specific person. This means that only licensed persons can plan and organise events.

With ecosero, on the other hand, licences are not tied to a specific person.
You can grant any number of users the right to create and/or run events, regardless of the number of licences.
The number of licences required depends solely on the number of events taking place at the same time.

Sample calculation based on ecosero Video conference Premium with five authorized persons (users) for planning and execution:

Provider Number of users Required licenses Price / license
per month
Price for
12 months
ecosero 5 1 21.99 € 263.88 €
Others 5 5 11.60 € 696.00 €