Moodle plugin

Live courses and training with the ecosero classroom and Moodle plugin

Integrate the virtual classroom based on BigBlueButton into your existing Moodle installation and realise live training and courses via your existing LMS.

Your lecturers and participants do not need to use an additional system.

Moodle Kurs

How it works

With Moodle integration, your trainers can create meetings for Moodle courses without leaving Moodle.
The Moodle integration is included free of charge in ecosero PRO and ecosero PREMIUM.

Meeting Management STARTER

Install ecosero plugin for Moodle

  • Contact support at to get the plugin file

  • Within Moodle, upload the plugin as an administrator under "Website Administration > Plugins > Install Plugin".

  • Follow the installation instructions and log in with your ecosero account

Videokonferenz planen

Add a meeting to a course

  • Open course and switch to edit mode

  • Create a new activity at the desired place in the course and select the ecosero plugin

  • Enter name, time period and other meeting settings

Link für Wiedergabe erstellen Link für Wiedergabe erstellen

Join the meeting

  • Choose whether you want to join as participant or moderator

  • Enter your name and e-mail and click on "Join the meeting".

  • You will be taken to the meeting in the BigBlueButton room.

Availability of the Moodle plugin

Not available

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