All features in comparison

Any number of moderators without additional licence fees
Transfer moderation rights when creating an event
Completely web-based, no software installation necessary
Maximum number of participants per meeting
Up to 30
Up to 150
Can be integrated into existing systems
E-mail support
Telephone support
Free briefing
Participation with or without registration
Individual data protection consent text
Feedback function
Cloud storage including
3 GB
5 GB
10 GB
Advance upload of presentations
Reminder function & early login
E-mail template management
Proof of attendance
Activate activity report
Calendar integration
Look & feel customisation
Freely designable start page
Own calendar for all users
Manage tasks
Joint event planning with substitute regulation & moderator determination
Online appointment booking
Automatic invitations
Learning and webinar management
Event templates
Event document management with rights management
Event accounting
Videowebinar shop
Event enquiries
Advance enquiries
Voucher management
Learning progress checks
Automatic certificate creation
Feedback management
Knowledge management
Download area
Video and web conference room
Recording, playback & download
Chat, Emojis
HD webcam, WebRTC audio
Desktop and application sharing
Breakout rooms
Presentations - upload, download
Multi-user mode
Touchscreen-enabled multi-user whiteboard
Usability & Security
50+ languages
Screen Reader
Allocation of rights
SSL encryption
Additional features
Digital signature
Direct dial-in by phone
Moodle plugin
Single Sign-On