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Data protection compliant, quick and easy to offer and realise online appointments for video counselling


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Online Beratung und Coaching

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Complete solution for online counselling, coaching, service and sales

With ecosero video coun selling you get a flexible online counselling software with which you can publish your appointments for your counselling, coaching, service and sales events for booking and realise them online easily and quickly.

As a white-label solution, ecosero Videoberatung can be integrated into your existing website.

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Online Beratung und Coaching

Consultation and coaching


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Online Vertrieb





About ecosero Online Scheduling

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Online consulting, coaching, service and sales

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Beratungstermine verwalten

Easy planning and management of online consulting appointments

  • Simple planning of available times for your online counselling appointments

  • Including preparation and follow-up times and automatic blocking in case of overlaps

  • Overview of your own appointments and those of your colleagues

  • Preview function for appointment selection

  • Display of scheduled counselling appointments in your calendar with status (e.g. free or reserved appointment)

Beratungstermin auswählen

Flexible appointment booking management for online consulting

  • Publication of free appointments on your portal page

  • Configurable display of required information (e.g. free text for message)

  • E-mail notification when an appointment is booked

  • Reservation of the virtual room and invitation of participants with one click

  • Display of the booked appointment in your calendar with all editing options and possibility to start the video consulting room

Online Veranstaltungen im virtuellen Raum

Online consulting in the video consulting room, as if they were sitting together

  • Browser-based, no software installation

  • Supports 60 languages

  • Breakout rooms

  • VOIP audio and HD video calls

  • Recording and playback

  • Desktop sharing, public / private chat, live polls

  • Different layouts with transmission option to all participants

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