From person to person

This is how you realize online consulting, service & sales


Insurance brokers
Doctors (online consultation of patients)

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Complete solution for the realization of your online consulting, service and sales events from person to person

With ecosero you get a complete and flexible web solution to easily and quickly realize your consulting, service and sales events even remotely and independent from location.

An integration into your existing website is also possible.

Without additional software!
Your web browser suffices!

In the ecosero
web conference room


Online customer service






via your Administrative functions

Offer your presence consulting and service and sales events in an interregional way

For example you can use ecosero for a more personal way of marketing for your products and service through live demos, videowebinars, seminars and workshops

More customers

Gain new customers and care for your existing customers much more intensively by conducting customer specific online events.
Wider range: In only a few minutes you can create your events with your own logo and look & feel and offer them nationwide.

More business

ecosero enables you to extend your consulting, service and sales activities. For example you can easily involve more consultants in your consulting business. Our role based user management makes that possible.

More quality

Optimize your consulting and service activities through your customers' feedback: With ecosero your customers can leave direct feedback after every event and send you improvement suggestions.


With your ecosero web solution you are also able to plan, realize and bill your currently existing presence consulting, service and sales events. All of a piece, intuitive and easy.

Runs on every device
Without software installation

Integrate into your website,
Customer specific customisations

GDPR compliant, Servers in Germany

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Manage your online consulting, service and sales events

It's so easy to realize your internal and external online consulting, service and sales events

Online knowledge management consulting, service and sales

Business Intelligence, Know how transfer for online consulting, service and sales

Increase participation of your employees/customers of consulting, service and sales in building up and transfer know-how directly via the web conference room and with the help of a knowledge database.

You as portal owner and your admin users can

  • Create topic oriented know-how databases
  • Clear documents or suggestions: Your users can submit topic suggestions with documents, that you can reject or accept for publishing.
  • Realize know-how transfer events, like experience reports, in the web conference room

Your employees can

  • Pass their know-how to others in the web conferencing room on their own
  • Search for and download documents and templates
  • Upload own documents in a structured form

Your customers can

  • Download documents (i.e. product Sheets, whitepapers etc.)
  • Participate in your videowebinars
  • Give feedback for your events
  • Upload own documents, that you as portal owner can evaluate and clear for publishing
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