DSGVO-compliant, secure and reliable

The data protection-compliant ecosero web conferencing solution based on BigBlueButton

For web conferencing, consulting, coaching, recruiting, service and sales

from 12.99€ / month plus VAT.

ecosero Webkonferenz

Let us show you ecosero!

The ecosero web conferencing solution is optimised for highly interactive online collaboration.

Web browser-based and device-independent
  • Web browser-based video conference room with HD video, low latency voice and reliable VOIP telephony
  • No software installation necessary
  • Compatible with common end devices (PC, smartphone, tablet)
Webcam, recording and playback
  • Participants can share their webcam and be visible to all at the same time
  • Recording of events for later playback and download
  • Cloud storage for recordings
Group work with breakout rooms
  • Group participants together and place them in breakout rooms for set periods of time - for better collaboration
Learn together with desktop sharing
  • Share the entire screen or individual applications
  • Participants can follow activities on their PC
  • Access from outside is of course not possible
Touchscreen-enabled multi-user whiteboard
  • Easy upload of documents (PDF, Office files, etc.)
  • Add annotations to the presentation via the whiteboard tool palette
  • Write and draw directly on the whiteboard using the touch screen
Customisable, multilingual, secure
  • Video conference room currently supports 60 languages
  • Secure https communication
Live surveys, tests & feedback
  • Conduct surveys and tests during the live event (course, seminar, training, etc.)
  • Participant feedback via status icon: Request to speak, absence, agreement, disagreement, etc.
  • Moderator can exclude participants, mute them, assign speaker rights, etc.
  • Private and public chat rooms

Hybrid events

With ecosero you can hold hybrid events in addition to purely online events

The ecosero web conference room is ideally suited for this. For example, lecturers can use two cameras simultaneously. While one camera is pointed at the lecturer, another camera can be pointed at an analogue board in the meeting room.

Instead of an analogue board, the touch-screen capable whiteboard of the ecosero virtual room can also be used for hybrid events. For example, a large touch-enabled monitor in the on-site meeting room can be used as a digital whiteboard on which lecturers and participants can write and sketch on-site or online.

Hybride Veranstaltungen mit ecosero

Simply try out ecosero now free of charge!

DSGVO compliance

You can conclude an order processing contract and a confidentiality agreement with us in accordance with §203 and 203 (StGB).

All servers, including the STUN and TURN servers, are located in German data centres. Data transmission is encrypted.

Order processing contracts have been concluded with all data centres in accordance with Art. 28 Para. 3 DSGVO.

Data protection cooperation with IT Logic GmbH, a company from Germany.
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With ecosero you get the right solution for your needs.

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Produkte im Schnellvergleich

Video consultation hour

Certified, highly secure end-to-end encrypted meeting management for up to 10 participants, with online appointment booking. Billing possible via the KBV (in Germany).

Video conference

Comprehensive meeting management for up to 500 participants.

Video consulting

Comprehensive meeting management for up to 500 participants, with online appointment booking.


Live and on-demand webinars with videos and files as well as sales and payment functions.


Live and on-demand courses with videos and files, online tests and certificates, including sales and payment functions.

One license for all users (example calculation)

Please compare our licence conditions in detail with those of our competitors.

Competitors often tie a licence to a specific person. This means that only licensed persons can plan and organise events.

With ecosero, on the other hand, licences are not tied to a specific person.
You can grant any number of users the right to create and/or run events, regardless of the number of licences.
The number of licences required depends solely on the number of events taking place at the same time.

Sample calculation based on ecosero Video conference Premium with five authorized persons (users) for planning and execution:

Provider Number of users Required licenses Price / license
per month
Price for
12 months
ecosero 5 1 21.99 € 263.88 €
Others 5 5 11.60 € 696.00 €