ecosero solutions

You get an individually adaptable solution and have the choice between three options with different functional scope and comfort for meeting, consulting, service, sales and recruiting in the web and video conference room from a single source.


Do you want interactive, fast and secure online communication, coordination and cooperation with your customers and employees?

Then you need our meeting management with ecosero STARTER or PRO!

With ecosero STARTER you can choose the quick and easy solution for self-managed web conferences, online video conferences and video webinars

Or you can opt for ecosero PRO right away and rely on the convenient solution for your video webinars as well as web conferences and face-to-face meetings

In both cases, you get a comprehensive web conference solution for highly interactive collaboration - very easy and intuitive to use.

Hybrid events

Mit ecosero können Sie neben reinen Online-Veranstaltungen auch hybride Veranstaltungen durchführen

In addition to online events you can also realize hybrid events with ecosero. durchführen.

The virtual room of ecosero is optimally suitable. For example teachers could use two cameras simultaneously, one pointing to the teacher and the other showing an analog whiteboard on-location.

Instead of using an analog board the touch-screen capable whiteboard of the virtual room could also be used for hybrid events. For example you could use a large monitor with touch capabilities on-location as a digital whiteboard, where teachers and participants can write on no-matter if they are on-location or online.

Do you want to offer training, advice, service and support in-house and / or externally from a single source?

Then ecosero PREMIUM is the right solution for you

With ecosero PREMIUM you get the scope of ecosero PRO + online event management.

The ecosero online event management covers the complex processes for the realization of all your events.

You might think that web or video conferencing software alone is enough. The ecosero online event management offers much more than a solution for the realization of individual events.

Our event management enables you to establish comprehensive online services and operate them permanently, such as the establishment of a business field for online education, training and consulting.